Tales of a Fat Girl

Being fat is not just a physical condition. It affects every aspect of your life. It’s expensive, you have to buy more food, clothes are more costly because you have to shop in special stores or because they use more material. You choose to not meet your friends, because they’re meeting at a restaurant that’s really cramped and you don’t fit in the chairs. Air travel sounds like a nightmare unless you can afford first or business class. I’m not complaining, it’s my reality, it’s what I live with everyday and I want other people to know what it’s like to be fat.

One of my biggest peeves is this: “If you don’t like being fat, why don’t you just lose weight.” BRILLIANT. I have no idea why the fuck I didn’t think of that! I’ll just LOSE weight. Like that! Presto! It’s gone! Wrong. People don’t get fat because they like to eat (ok SOME do), most of us have issues. We use food for comfort, we use food as a control, food, food, food, food. It’s obsessive. We become upset, we binge and literally black out. I’ve come to my senses surrounded by carnage and I don’t remember eating anything.┬áSome of us are lazy, we don’t like the gym. I happen to go to the gym 3-5 times a week and I don’t just lift a couple weights and walk around for five minutes, then lift a couple more weights. I sweat. I work hard. When I leave the gym my legs feel like rubber and I’m lightheaded because my blood is in my muscles.

Losing weight is HARD. Many of us fatties have tried all the new fads, the pills, the NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers etc. However, losing weight requires a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change includes dealing with whatever is causing the weight gain, the binge eating, the depression, laziness etc. You don’t wake up one day and think “Oh I’m going to diet” and drop 100 lbs. It’s sweat and tears and cars full of candy bar wrappers when you lose control. If it is easy, you’re doing it wrong. That weight will come back because you’re not dealing with what made you fat in the first place.

Some of us are cursed with diseases that make eating right and exercise difficult. It’s not just a matter of hopping on the treadmill and walking until all the fat comes off because they are limited by what their bodies can physically do. Some of these diseases require medications that lower the metabolism, make the body crave carbs or sugars, or cling to excess calories like a teenage girl to her cellphone.

Most of us are aware of our condition. We don’t walk through life with the illusion that we’re a size 2. We know we’re fat, we know WHY we’re fat, and goddamnit if it was as simple as “just losing weight” we would have done it by now. So, be nice to fat people. We’re not fat because we want to be. We’re fat because we’re going through some stuff and we’re trying to come out the other side.

3 thoughts on “Tales of a Fat Girl

  1. You are so right on “if it’s easy you’re doing it wrong”. Losing even a pound is a LOT of sweat and tears and dedication…and identifying why you gained the weight in the first place is the key. For me, I was depressed. Figuring that out was like a weight lifted off my shoulder…unfortunately, the ACTUAL weight did not go with it! I work out and like you I’m not messing with the pink dumb bells, I’m lifting heavy weights and sweating the entire time. Good for you Natalie! Thank so much for sharing.

  2. Brilliant. It’s nice to see people writing about the real issue. I am not overweight, nor have i ever been but i can tell you it’s just as hard to maintain a healthy diet as it is to lose weight. We all have up days and down days, it’s the down days where we turn to food for comfort. The emotional link between people and food is why obesity exists, a lot of people are hiding from something and it’s refreshing to see someone acknowledge that people have deeper issues than weight. The same goes for people with anorexia. A lot of people that under go treatment use food as a way of controlling their lives, not just because they want to be thin. Offering a helping hand or an ear of comfort, to those that are struggling will do a hell of a lot more good than a sarcastic remark.
    Thank-you for writing about it, hopefully it’ll help a lot more people realise! x

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